Monday, October 19, 2015


One fine Saturday in an upscale mall. A black van approaching the main drop off area. It stopped for a total time of 10 minutes 45 seconds to drop off its passenger. No, it didn't carry like 15 kids. There were only 3 adults (a driver, a nanny and a lady) and 1½ kids (a toddler and a baby) inside the van. They follow Six Steps For Getting Out Of A Van: Driver take stroller out of car & assembly it near passenger door. Keep van's air condition on. CHECKNanny get out of van carrying Child#1 and put Child#1 in the stroller. Driver assists. CHECK! Driver take a diaper bag from van and wait by the stroller. Keep Child#1 company. CHECK! Nanny take Child#2 from the car in a baby sling. Take diaper bag from Driver. CHECK! Driver go back to van. CHECK! Lady get out of car and walk straight into mall. Nanny follow. Driver drive away. CHECK!

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