Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mark My Words

One fine Saturday on a treadmill in a gym of an apartment. Feeling rather awesome I'm almost accomplish my goal when suddenly, "Are you done yet? You've been using it for more than an hour!" An elderly lady said in a rather harsh tone. "Could you wait ten minutes? I'm almost done," I said in between breaths. First she stood right beside me and just stared at me for a while. When her staring didn't stop me, she went outside and called a duty manager. That didn't stop me either. I kept running until my ten minutes was up. I said what I meant and I meant what I said. 


Jaideep Agarwal said...

Patience is a scarce virtue these days !! I wonder why people from yesteryears lose their cool and patience. By the way Our Apartment Gym has a 30 minute max rule on Treadmills when there are more people..

Dewi Prihatina said...

Our apt has one hour max rule. I did use it for more than an hour but I only asked for 10 minutes, was that too much too ask? :-)