Sunday, November 1, 2015

Second Wind

One lovely Sunday. 22K mark. My body was killing me. My calf stabbed me in the back, my thigh strangled me, my ankle kicked me in the stomach and my knee used my shin bone to beat me up. When I reached water station #8 at 26K a young volunteer handed me a cup of water and said, "Hang in there Rina! Keep going!" Huh?! I thought that was it, I had lost my mind. WAIT! He must've had seen my pin on my hat. This was nothing compare to what she had to endure. Without warning tears just rolled down my face. There I was running jogging and sobbing. And somehow my calf, my thigh, my ankle and my knee had a change of heart. Instead of killing me they just inflicted a little pain here and there all the way to finish line. This one for you Rina


Roshidi said...

Congratulation Ms Dewi Prihatina. All the training are worthwhile and fruitful. May you be a finisher in many more upcoming marathons. God Bless You.

Dewi Prihatina said...

Hi Roshidi. Thank you for your uplifting & encouraging words. Nice to see you outside garmin connect ;-) Happy holidays & God bless you too!